Building the Roads of the Mind

Forum for Social Studies‚Äč


Registered Charity No. 295352

                                                                        The Forum for Social Studies

                                                                                               A Brief Introduction

The Forum for Social Studies which was founded by Dr. Hasan Zaman and Begum Anwara
Zaman is an Islamic Charitable Organisation, registered with the British
Charity Commission (Registration No. 295352) with an aim to promote Islam and
Islamic education.

The Forum serves as a platform for Muslim scholars and layman alike, to inform
the masses, Muslims and non-Muslims concerning Islamic viewpoints, to present
the social problems of Muslims and work out a united and harmonious strategy in
order to find solution to them.

Though the establishment of the Forum dates back to 1st December 1986, It was
visioned, more than 40 years ago as an imperative necessity for Muslims by
Marhoom Dr. Hasan Zaman, who laid the foundation of the organisation. Ever
since his life as a student and later Professor at the King Abdul Aziz
University, Jeddah, equipped with his dynamic philosophical mind, sharpened by
years of research and experience, he felt the need for striking a common factor
between traditional and modern education. To put it in his own words to
establish the relationship of man to nature, to himself, and a balanced study
to assist the Muslims to formulate an Islamic position on contemporary
problems. Dr. Zaman was alarmed by the fact that ravaged by the onslaught of
colonialism, the Muslims were gradually losing their identity, being influenced
by nationalism, racism and contemporary forms of tribalism and proceeding
headlong to secular identities. The shocking aspect of it all remains that the
Muslims seemed satisfied at their apathetic state and considered restoration of
identity as someone elses headache. There was a silent consensus that western
non-Muslim scholars were the specialist interpreters of Islam and their opinion
were blindly accepted without question.

Therefore it is an important decisive factor that the Muslim populace in
general and the youth in particular channel and fortify their energies and
passions in the service of the noble goals of life, that is virtue, justice,
truth and to eradicate all misconceptions concerning Islam. The first step
towards such achievement is recognition of our strength and identifying our
short-comings. Literature and cultural actions are great instruments for
impressing and moulding the mind and the Forum strives to function as a
machinery to build these instruments.

The Forum for Social Studies is a functional non-profit earning organisation,
which does not seek to be centred among the Muslim elite but welcomes the equal
participation of all Muslims willing to contribute on a voluntary basis without
obligation on our part.

Alhamdulllilah, we are moving ahead with Allah Subhanahu Wa Taalas help.
InshaAllah slowly but surely we hope to see our efforts see the light of day.
To put it in the words of Dr. Hasan Zaman to build the roads of the mind to the
best of our ability. Allahs help is with us and success is near.

1. Dr. Abdullah Omar Nasseef-Chairman
2. Dr. Tanweer Itaat Hasan Zaman-Secretary and Treasurer
3. Dr. Tasneem N. Zaman-Member
4. Ms. Tazeen I. Zaman-Member 

5.Mrs. Fouzia Tabasum Khan-Member



*Dr. Abdullah Omar Nasseef-Chairman

* Dr. Tanweer I. Hasan Zaman-Vice-Chairman, Administration, Finance and Projects

* Dr. Tasneem N. Zaman- Director General, Reasearch

* Mr. Shafaat Ahmed-Director General- Liason and Communication

* Mr. Tanzeem Salimur Rahman- Administration

*Ms. Tazeen I. Zaman- Assistant Director

*Mrs. Fouzia Khan-Administrative Assistant