Forum for Social Studies


Pamphlets and booklets:
The Forum regularly publishes pamphlets and booklets on various Islamic topics. These publication covers Islam in General, Islamic Education, Islamic History, Islamic Economics, Islamic Law, Islamic Social Science, Islamic Science, Quran, Hadith, Biography and Childrens topics. Over 375 pamphlets and 40 booklets have been published.
Forum Bulletin:
Since 1988, the Forum has been publishing the Forum Bulletin every month. The Bulletin is distributed free worldwide. The contents include Muslim World News, Forum News, From the Holy Quran, From the Hadith, Islamic articles and Islamic Questions and answers. In Ramadan every year a special 24 page issue of the Bulletin is published.
Al-Mubeen Islamic Magazine:
The Forum launched the Al-Mubeen Islamic magazine in 1991. The magazine is published three times a year. The contents of the magazine include- Guidance from the Holy Quran and Sunnah, Current events in the Muslim World, Islamic articles covering various aspects of Islam , Youth pages and Islamic questions and answers.
Providing Islamic Literature:
AlHamdulillah, the Forum has been able to distribute over 5 million Islamic literature worldwide in the form of books, pamphlets, Holy Quran translations, Islamic magazines. These publications are either published by us or collected/purchased from various sources for free distribution. The Forum has set up Islamic Libraries at various University Libraries and Islamic organizations.
DVD/CD and AUDIO CD: The Forum has been producing Islamic Audio visual material in the form of AUDIO CD, DVD and VCD. A total of over 600 Islamic DVD's and over 500 Audio CD's have been produced. New titles are added every year.
Classes: The Forum regular holds Islamic classes for children. An intensive summer Islamic course is held every summer. The Forum proposes to set up schools for children and adults in the future in sha Allah.
Islamic Dawah Workshops are organized regularly every year for adults.
Ph.D programme:
The Forum is in the planning stage of starting a Ph.D programme in Islamic Education. Details will be available when it commences.(Visit for details)
The Forum provides few small scholarships to needy students in some third world countries. We hope to expand this project in the future.
v Islamic Satellite Channel:
The Forum for Social Studies is making studies for setting up an Islamic Satellite TV Channel for promotion of Islam to the world. (Visit for details)
Islamic Seminars: The Forum regularly holds Islamic Dawah Seminars in various countries. Over 70 Islamic Seminars have been held to date.
Islamic Conferences: The Forum holds Islamic Dawah Conferences in various countries every year. 50 Islamic Dawah Conferences have been held to date. Scholars like Sh. Ahmed Deedat, Dr. Jamal Badawi, Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick, Br. Yusuf Islam, Dr. Zakir Naik, Sh. Yusuf Estes, Br. Mostafa Malaiekah,Br. Daud Musa Pidcock, Sr. Yvonne Ridley, Br. Shabir Ally and others have attended our seminars and conferences as speakers.
The Forum organises Children's Islamic Quiz, Qirat and Speech Competition for children. The programmes are held at Toronto Canada and London, U.K. and sometimes in other countries. Around 30 such competitions have been held to date. EXHIBITIONS:
The Forum organised six Islamic exhibitions at various locations.
Sadaqa Jaria Project:
This project enables any Muslim to donate money for printing Islamic books and booklets in the name of any dear and loved one who has passed away. The minimum amount of the project is £70.00 and the maximum is any amount over this.The Forum after receiving amounts from brothers and sisters prepare an Islamic book and prints it in the name of the deceased person and distributes it free to to persons requesting it.
The Forum joined the information super highway in 1996 by opening a website. The website contains various information about Islam, information on our productions and events. We are making arrangements to put all our publications and videos into the site. Several other sites have been taken to include various information about Islam- Islamic Periodicals, Islamic organisations, Islamic Scholars, Islam in General, Women in Islam, Hajj, Fasting, Islamic Eonomics, Islamic Political Theory, Islamic Education, Salat, Site for children and youth, Halal and Haram, Correcting wrong information about Islam,Islam on the Web information, Islamic audio visuals avaialable worldwide.

Dr. Hasan and Anwara Zaman Foundation:
This foundation is a subsidiary of the Forum. Writings of Dr. Hasan Zaman will be published one by one from this department. Scholarships and prizes to promote Islam will be arranged through this foundation.
World News Digest:
This project originally started in the late 70's by Dr. Hasan Zaman has been revived from January 2014. The news of the Islamic world are collected and computerised. It will be available on the web as well as print outs or CD's will be made available to researchers and scholars and anyone who requires it.
Islamic Book Club:
This project invites individuals to become members of the Forum Islamic Book Club. Islamic Books are offered to the members at less than publishers list price.
Islamic Book Publication project:
This project invites Muslims to become members of the project and the membership fees are utilised for publication of Islamic literature.
Forum Islamic Book Library:
The Forum has an Islamic Reference Library which contains more that 7000 books.
Forum Islamic Audio/Video Library:
​ The Forum has an Islamic Audio/Video Library with over 500 Islamic Audios and over 2000 Islamic Videos.
The Forum is planning to start Islamic Waqf(Trust) projects, which will help finance the various projects of the organisation.
Some of the projects planned for the future are:
1. Set up Universities and other institutions of education.
2. Scholarships to needy students
3. Elaborate Islamic information on the Web- Islamic question and answers on the Web.
4. Islamic data: 1. Who's who in the Muslim world 2, Islamic publications
5. Establish worldwide Islamic video libraries
6. Arrange Islamic Dawah conferences in third world countries.
7. Islamic cultural cooperation programme
8. Revive Islamic Heritage-
Muslim contribution to Science- Publications, Videos and Exhibitions.
​ 9. Other projects as they come up for the pr
omotion of Islam and Islamic education.